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Who are we?

Founded in 2009 in Benin, BATI RENOV Sarl is a general construction company present in Benin and Gabon.

We are specialized in the realization of real estate projects. We also have a wood processing unit as support for the realization of the furniture involved in the development of the real estate.

Expertise :

  • Architecture
  • Construction of offices or dwelling
  • Renovation of real estate
  • Installation of partitions and ceilings
  • sealing
  • General Carpentry (Manufacture of modern wooden furniture)

Our vision

  • Bringing the solution is our motto.
  • Trust builders is our vocation.
  • Building is our job.

Construction & Renovation

  • Design, programming and construction of buildings. Construction of housing, hotels, shopping centers, administrative, industrial, public and private buildings. Study, diagnosis and renovation of buildings. Reorganization of spaces.


  • Specialist in the manufacture of custom wooden furniture. Furnishing and layout of spaces, offices, houses (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garden etc.) Manufacture of doors, windows, balconies and hardwood floors.


  • Cover and waterproofing of buildings. Use of self-adhesive liquid membrane, cold and / or hot spray.

Our team

We have an efficient team composed of engineers, designers and skilled workers for the management and realization of our various projects.