BATI RENOV specializes in construction and renovation. Our teams work on different projects to realize all your projects.

We build traditional, contemporary constructions for commercial, agricultural or industrial use. We take care of all work, from laying foundations and different levels of floor to wall elevation. We advise you and accompany you throughout the realization of your project.

We offer our services for your construction and renovation works


  • Installation of gate pillars
  • Works on cellular concrete (ideal for thermal insulation, lightweight and easy to install).



  • Refurbishment
  • Facade
  • Cover, ceiling
  • partitioning
  • Interior and exterior joinery
  • Interior finishes: plaster, tile, paint
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity (domotique)
  • Swimming pool
  • Layout and optimization of space
  • Interior and exterior decoration
  • Parquet

Whether for a complete or partial renovation, our team of experts carries out a thorough study of your project in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The works carried out by BATI RENOV are of impeccable quality and follow the rules of the art. So you do not have to worry about finishing your property, because the construction or renovation is in the hands of a professional in the matter.

To determine the work to be carried out, the choice of materials and the techniques to be implemented, we base ourselves on the history of your home.

Whatever the intervention that comes within the framework of the renovation of your home, insulation of the walls, insulation of the floors, insulation of the windows and roof spaces, BATI RENOV is able to bring you the solutions adapted to your needs.