BATI RENOV is also specialized in the field of waterproofing and insulation of terraced roofs, from the solution diagnosis to the completion of the works.

For your sealing work, we use the wetsuit® system..

Wetsuit consists of a range of environmentally friendly building envelope solutions that meet specific requirements for roofing, waterproofing and air / vapor barriers.



Wetsuit consists of a waterproofing and vapor barrier:
- The works of sealing and insulation (roofs terraces, terraces, balconies, parking, buried walls, industrial roofs ...),

- Cover (steel bin, roof tiles, slate, shingles…)

- Maintenance and repair of roofs Diagnosis on site (search for leaks by colored watering, fumigants and testers of moisture ...)

- The installation of velux as well as skylights

- Cladding work

- Zinc works

We work for many individuals and companies and also work on tenders for public and private organizations, architects, engineering offices ...